Creators dedicated to producing quality spirit brands for life’s most traveled paths.

Kettner Boulevard Spirits provides a platform for you to create your own spirit recipe and brand. There are many who have dreamt about creating their own spirits and label, Kettner Spirits is here to make those dreams come true.

Our platform allows for production of a variety of quality spirits from vodka, rum, gin and flavors to aged whiskey, rye and bourbon. We have something for everyone! We are here to walk you through the regulation process, label creation and production. Kettner Spirits will provide you with a unique and quality product that you will be proud to call your own.

For quick turn-around time, we have pre-approved label templates to personalize with a photo for special occasions.

Our Story

Kettner Boulevard runs through the heart of Little Italy, San Diego.
It is where the story begins.
The Creators met on Kettner, fell in love on Kettner, founded the distillery on Kettner & spend their lives on and around Kettner.

Kettner Boulevard is their most traveled path. Take the journey with them.

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